Why is learning important ? Because when we are born , our brains are empty .We know nothing , So we need to learn the necessary knowledge about living and create new knowledge for a better and future life .Of course, the knowledge accumulated from learing is very important for our later generations.

How can we learn ? There are many ways for learning.We can learn from our family,such as basic living skills. We can learn from school. School provides us the most complete education. We can learn all kinds of things. We can learn about making friends, and learn to be friendly.

We also can learn from experience .Learning from ourselves is always from making mistakes. Like ; if I always forget my lunchmox, and nobody helps me, I will remember I must bring my lunch box next time.

Reading books is a kind of good way to learn. Books are good things ,because there is a lot of knowledge in them. For example :student books, dictionaries and story books.

Friends are the best way to learn, because friends can help you and tell you how to do things right. So we need to find good friends, and we also need to learn from friends more. The internet is a special ways to learn. There are a lot of things on it. Like:  the news ,and we can talk online. We can even talk to people in people in other countries, so this is a special ways to learn.

So, from learning we can get a lot of benefits, and it is really important.


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